Sending Girls to School in India

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Just $50 Makes a Huge Difference in a Young Girl’s Life

We teamed up with CorStone, an NGO that helps empower young girls from the slums of India to raise funds in support of a large initiative in India called ‘Girls First!’

Please watch this powerful video about their work.

We’ve completed our donation but if you’d like to find out more or donate directly please visit CorStone.

Girls First! is an innovative program that will directly impact the health, education, and employability of 50,000 high-poverty girls in urban Indian slums in the next 3 years. The program cost is less than $50 per girl to complete the one-year program, while employing nearly 700 women in 100 slums in five cities. All the girls are from the Dalit (so-called “untouchable”) caste, are the first generation to go to school, live in slums with no running water, sanitation, and few if any toilets, and face discrimination and abuse on a daily basis. The program provides a broad range of training in mental health, adolescent and reproductive health, nutrition, household money management and applying for jobs.