Tents for Haiti

74_AWright_Haiti_10588Resiliency and Tenacity in the Face of Disaster

We raised $4000 to help supply tents for people displaced by the earthquake in Haiti.  We partnered with a non-profit organization to bring them in, with locals on the ground who organized setting up communities of 150 tents each.

A lot has been said about the resiliency and the tenacity of the Haitian people, and that is what really struck Alison to the core when she traveled to Haiti after the devastating 2010 earthquake. Their infectious smiles and graciousness, despite the unimaginable hardships they’ve endured, is truly humbling. These are a people who have had a lot of practice-surviving hurricanes, floods, an economy where seventy-eight percent of the population earns two dollars a day, and now a devastating earthquake that has literally rocked the nation. This country, with half its population brimming with children, has been brought to its knees, and these people of unwavering faith have taken advantage of the position to fall to the ground in prayer.

Alison couldn’t come back from photographing a project like this and not try to do something to help. Over a million people have lost their homes and been displaced, forcing them to live in the streets under flimsy tarps and tents. Many think the Haiti story is over now that it’s off the front-page news, but for so many the nightmare is just turning worse. Heavy rains are making their way in. With thousands of people living on top of each other disease is spreading; typhoid, TB, malaria. Many have had amputations in primitive medical tents, and then are sent home. Only, they have no home to go to, and infection sets in from living openly in the streets.