Inspired by my India trip this year we teamed with Corstone that helps empower young girls from the slums of India.

CorStone is in the midst of ramping up a large initiative in India called ‘Girls First!’, an innovative program that will directly impact the health, education, and employability of 50,000 high-poverty girls in urban Indian slums in the next 3 years. The program cost is less than $50 per girl to complete the one-year program, while employing nearly 700 women in 100 slums in 5 cities. All the girls are from the Dalit (so-called “untouchable”) caste, are the first generation to go to school, live in slums with no running water, sanitation, and few if any toilets, and face discrimination and abuse on a daily basis. The program provides a broad range of training in mental health, adolescent and reproductive health, nutrition, household money management, applying for jobs and the like…

You can see a powerful video here:

You can donate to CorStone on their website at: