Faces of Hope


Faces of Hope is an established tax-deductible fund that globally supports women and children’s rights by creating visual awareness and donating directly to grass-roots non-profit organizations that help sustain them through education and healthcare.



Faces of Hope: Inspired by Giving

FACES OF HOPE was started by Alison Wright, an award-winning documentary humanitarian photographer, who has spent a career creating impactful images while working in post-disaster/conflict areas around the globe.

The Faces of Hope fund was inspired by Alison’s own personal story and initial goal: to return to the small village in Laos to thank the locals who saved her life after surviving a devastating bus accident on remote jungle road in Laos.

Experiencing first hand what it’s like to have your life on the line with no accessible health care she returned to this small remote country with five American doctors and $10,000 worth of medical supplies.

The fund was created as a way for Alison to help contribute to the communities that she encounters through her assignments and documentary projects because sometimes making a photo simply doesn’t feel like enough.


How You Can Help

Donate to the fund to support the grassroots non-profit organizations that Alison has met and worked with directly.