Non-profit organizations that Faces of Hope has donated to and partnered with to help support their humanitarian work on the ground

Since the Faces of Hope was founded in 2009, we are indebted to all the donors from around the world who have contributed to this fund to address urgent humanitarian needs in impoverished countries throughout the world.

During her years of photographing in post-disaster/conflict areas Alison found that so much can actually be accomplished with so little money. 

It’s often the small, unnoticed, grass-roots organizations that are making the greatest impact in finding solutions to the problems in these developing countries. These are a few that Alison has worked with and been inspired to donate to through the FOH fund. To learn more about these organizations and to find out how you can donate to them directly please click on the following links. We’ve made our donation now please feel free to continue with yours. Thank you!


You Can Help

Donations to the Faces of Hope Fund are tax deductible.